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Microscope AM2000

Prix TTC : 1800000 Da 2450000 Da


Garantie 2 ans

Visible Quality

High closeness without  gap over 4 mm for the whole unit.
Over 90% of surface are covered with metal.
Superior materials or famous brand for all parts of device including air spring、potentiometer、power supply、wheel、LED bulb and key parts.

Optical Performance

Multi-coated with all parts of optical element    
Excellent controlling for scatter light    

Better definition, much more transparent when observing object
Eliminate most of the useless scatter light and reduce kopiopia

Multi-coated can raise transparent rate of light over 20% comparing with single layer coating
Special diaphragm is designed for eliminating over 90% of harmful scatter light out of the field of view    

No Exposed Cables
The head & arms without any cable exposed, with concise appearance.

Moving more freely and smoothly
Makes your clinic in good order and high class

Best cost performance. No similar microscopes at the same class

Humanized Design

Ergonomic handle & thumb-shifted variable objective lens

Focusing and controlling the head only by single hand, very easily and conveniently.

Comparing with former rotating variable objective lens, thumb-shifted adjustment is more convenient and advantageous for your control
Different fix focus lens for option. They are all thumb-shifted with13mm fine focus range

Integrated DC Power Supply

5V & 12V DC power supply available on the magnification pod

Exterior camera or cell phone could be charged here. No worry about endurance of electronics products

Two types of normal voltage output available which covering almost all kinds of electronics products
Various power supply cable for option, including Chinese plug, UL plug, EU plug, UK plug, Australian plug and Indian plug.

Illumination System

Maximum illumination over 80,000 Lux with F250 lens
Color temperature 5700K, color rendering≥85%
5 types of illumination mode for option    

Enough illumination even in highest magnification and make you can see more clearly Return to original condition of color and protect eyes of users

The illumination is higher than other brands when color rendering is exceeding 85%
AM-2000 is the only one having 5 types of illumination mode at the same class microscopes

Use adapter for power supply

Use 12V medical adapter for power supply

Increasing security when using low-voltage input of device
Replace anytime when power supply is broken

Medical adapter for power supplying is much better than ordinary one of other brands
Power bank could be used as power supply whenever the original power supply is shut down

Convenient Maintenance

Excellent convenient maintenance

Reduce maintenance cost greatly

The magnification pod could be removed in 10 mins even power supply is built-in the arm and colum
LED module can could be changed in 10 mins                                         
Illumination adjustment module could be changed in 5 mins